Quadratic Equation Formula with Examples

Quadratic Equation: In the Algebraic mathematical domain the quadratic equation is a very well known equation, which form the important part of the post metric syllabus. There are the different kinds of problems/questions, which are put in the exam from the chapter and constitute the significant marks of the subject. 

If we discuss about the quadratic equation in the simple language then it is the equation, which has the form of ax2 + bx +c=0 and in this whole equation the each coefficients holds its own value in accordance to which this whole equation is solved. 

The best identification of the quadratic equation is that in this equation the exponent variable always holds the square power such as x² and the value of x is always unknown. On the other hand the value of a,b,c is always given or known which is put into the equation to solve the whole equation.

Formula for Quadratic Equation

Well, in you want to solve the given equation ax2+bx+c=0 in order to get the value of x then you need to solve the whole equation by the factorization pattern.You have to do the factors of the equation and then put the factors equal to zero and there you may make from 1 to 3 factors of a normal quadratic equation. 

In the usual manner the given quadratic equation can be easily solved just by doing the factors but sometimes when the equation becomes tricky, then we need to try out the specific formula which can simplify the whole equation in a systematic manner. 

The formula is called as the quadratic formula and here is how it can be written as 

Formula for Quadratic Equation

In this equation the coefficients a,b,c are just the numbers as per their given values and we solve the equation by keeping the value of these numbers within the equation.

Formula for Quadratic Equation

In order to make this quadratic equation work you must arrange the equation in the similar form as of the quadratic formula, in order to get the values of the formula and then by simply putting the values you can get the solution. 


Formula for Quadratic Equation

Quadratic Equation

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