Sum & Product of Quadratic Equation Roots

A quadratic equation is a well recognised equation in the algebraic syllabus and we all have studied it in our +2 syllabus. There is a separate chapter of this equation in our syllabus which is considered very significant from the exam point of view as well. 

A quadratic equation starts in its general form as ax²+bx+c=0 in which the highest exponent variable has the squared form, which is the key aspect of this equation. Further the equation is comprised of the other coefficients such as a,b,c along with their fix and specific values while we have no given value of the variable x. 

Sum & Product of Quadratic Equation
In the quadratic equation we figure out the value of x by factoring the whole equation and the value, which we have at the end is the one which satisfies the equation and there are generally two solutions of the equation. 

The two solutions of the equation are also known as the roots of the equations and here in this article we are basically going to discuss about the roots of quadratic equations for the consideration of all our scholars readers.

Sum and Product of Roots

As we know that we use the formula of b²-4ac to figure out the roots and their types from the quadratic equation, but the same formula can calculate much more from the quadratic equation. Using the same formula you can establish the relationship between the roots and figure out the sum/products of the roots.

It’s actually quite easy to figure out the sum and the product of the roots, as we just have to add both the roots formula to find out the sum and multiply both of the roots to each others in order to figure the product. 

You can see the simple application for the product and the sum of the roots below and get the ultimate formula, which we derive from the application to find out the product/roots of the equation. 

Sum of Roots

Sum & Product of Quadratic Equation

Product of Roots


So, this is the ultimate formula which we have figured from the above calculations and the next time when you want to get the product and the sum of the roots of quadratic equation, then you can simply apply this formula to get the desired outcome. 

Formation of Quadratic Equation

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