Difference Between Linear & Quadratic Equations

Well, if you are someone who has studied post matric algebra then you must have gone through the chapter of quadratic equation. It’s an important chapter of the algebra and constitutes the significant marks in the exam as well. 

Quadratic equation is basically one such equation which has its  highest exponent of variable as x² and then the equation goes on with the other coefficients in the form of a,b,c. The squared form of the exponent variable is mandatory in the equation without which it can’t be a quadratic equation in itself.

Difference Between Linear & Quadratic Equation

In the quadratic equation the variable x has no given value, while the values of the coefficients are always given which need to be put within the equation, in order to calculate the value of variable x and the value of x, which satisfies the whole equation is known to be the roots of the equation.

Linear Vs Quadratic Equation

Well, in the quadratic equation we can basically have 2 types of the equation which are the quadratic equation and then the linear equation. In order to have the quadratic equation we must have any positive or the negative value of the coefficient a right before the variable x, so that it can make the sequence of the equation as ax² which is opposite in case of linear equation.

Difference Between Linear & Quadratic Equations
In the linear equation the value of coefficient is always equals to 0, which disturbs the pattern of the quadratic equation ax² and makes it the linear equation. Further a linear equation doesn’t have any power higher than one of its own and it has the straight line form of ax+by+c=0 where the a,b,c are the respective constants.

Moreover the other line of differentiation between the linear and the quadratic equation is that the linear equation may have one or more variables, while the quadratic equation necessary holds just one variable and we have the different approaches to solve both of these equations. 

Difference Between Linear & Quadratic Equations

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